Indian EV Component Maker Files Groundbreaking Patent Applications

An Indian maker of EV charging equipment has filed two patent applications covering innovative battery energy storage technologies to better channel renewable energy sources into powering electric vehicles.

As India’s renewable energy sector continues its rapid growth, the electric vehicle industry is also gaining momentum. Both sectors are being driven by supportive government policies and increased awareness among consumers.

Servotech Power Systems, a Delhi-based manufacturer of EV charging stations, recently filed two patent applications that could help optimize the use of renewable energy sources. The proposed technologies would facilitate grid services through battery energy storage. This would allow renewable energy captured by batteries to be channeled more efficiently to power electric vehicles and other loads.

The first patent application is for a “System and Method for Controlling Load Shifting by Third Party”. This would regulate how stored renewable energy from batteries is distributed to different users over time. The second application covers a “System and Method for Effective Energy Channelization from a Renewable Energy Source”. It aims to maximize the value derived from renewable energy by routing it most effectively to battery storage and end consumers.

According to Servotech, these innovations have wide-ranging applications for solar and EV charging infrastructure. They believe the technologies can make an important contribution to a more sustainable energy future.

India has already exceeded its initial renewable energy target, reaching 40% of total generation nine years early. The government has now set an ambitious new target of 65% renewable energy by 2030. With supportive policies and growing consumer awareness, both the renewable sector and the electric mobility industry appear primed for continued expansion in India.

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