Ola Electric Unveils Exciting New Lineup of Electric Bikes: Ola Electric Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster & Diamondhead Bikes

Ola Electric, India’s leading electric two-wheeler company founded by Bhavish Aggarwal, has unveiled an exciting new lineup of electric motorcycles. This launch marks Ola’s foray into the rapidly growing two-wheeler segment as it aims to accelerate the global transition to sustainable mobility. In the same event, ola electric also launched the Ola S1X Electric Scooter most affordable electric scooter of ola electric.

With this launch, Ola Electric, after capturing the electric scooter market, has now forayed into the electric bike market as well.

A Lineup Built for Every Rider

The lineup consists of four electric bikes – the Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster, and Diamondhead – each catering to diverse riding styles and needs.


The Cruiser features a minimalist retro-futuristic design with LED headlamps and taillights that is sure to turn heads. With its long-range battery and emphasis on comfort, it is ideal for leisurely weekend rides and flaunting your style.

Ola Electric has packed it’s with innovative design and engineering. At the rear, the bikes feature a single swing arm with a 17-inch wheel paired with a disc brake. This allows for responsive handling and solid stability.

The front wheels are 19 inches in size with USD (Upside Down) fork suspension and dual disc brakes. The USD fork provides superior shock absorption over bumpy terrain. Combined with dual disc brakes, it ensures precise braking power with great control.

With a powerful electric motor and battery with approx 200-250 km range, these bikes are ideal for zipping through city roads and traffic. The optimized wheel size and suspension system provide an agile ride quality over urban landscapes.


Built for off-road adventures, the Adventure bike has a tall and athletic stance with upright ergonomics. It promises to conquer rugged terrain and uncharted paths – perfect for thrill-seekers and mountain explorers.It has 19-inch front wheels to handle uneven terrains with control. The 17-inch rear wheels provide stability on bumpy paths.

This electric bike is equipped with a futuristic 5-inch digital dashboard display providing key information to riders in a sleek and integrated panel.


Breaking design norms, the Roadster has an avant-garde shape focused on form and function. This lightweight and nimble bike is tailored for agile city commutes while making a unique style statement.

This bike will be made for everyday use and can be taken to offices, public places, and whatnot. Out of all the bikes, this model is ready to hit the road since the others were showcased but Roadster was seen to be riding by the team of Ola. So this bike can be in the third or fourth stage of development. The front disc is dual, the rear is a single disc with a chained drive. The display is 5 inches.


The Diamondhead is the flagship bike from Ola Electric with a unique diamond-shaped front section. As a high-performance super sports bike, it is packed with innovative features for an optimal riding experience. The Diamondhead has an aerodynamic profile and cutting-edge engineering that makes it stand out in the electric motorcycle segment. With its powerful and athletic form factor, this model aims to deliver a thrilling superbike experience that electric vehicle enthusiasts will love. The Diamondhead’s futuristic styling and advanced technology embody Ola Electric’s vision for the future of two-wheelers.

Manufacturing and Launch Timeline

While unveiling the bikes, Ola announced that they will be manufactured at its state-of-the-art Futurefactory in Tamil Nadu, India. With a commitment to world-class quality, the bikes are designed for international markets.

Ola Electric aims to launch all four electric bikes in India as well as global markets by the end of 2024. This timeline showcases the company’s exponential growth and capabilities.


Ola Electric has unveiled four new electric bikes – the Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster, and Diamondhead – that redefine two-wheeler experiences for all riders. With stunning futuristic design, smart engineering, and a commitment to pushing boundaries, these e-bikes represent Ola’s ambition to spearhead the global transition toward sustainable electric mobility. This innovative lineup puts India on the global map as a producer of world-class EVs.

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