Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter Launching Soon – Price, Range, Features & All Details

The highly anticipated Rivot NX100 electric scooter is finally launching in India soon. This fresh Make-in-India challenger promises to disrupt the EV two-wheeler segment with its striking futuristic design, peppy performance, and modern smart features.

In this detailed guide, we will cover all the key details potential buyers need to know regarding Rivot NX100 pricing, specifications, launch availability, and more.

Premium Standout Styling

Available in 5 unique variants – Classic, Premium, Elite, Sports, and Off-Road Rider – the Rivot NX100 features gorgeous styling straight out of a sci-fi movie! Sharp sculpted body panels, LED projector headlights, and customizable color options make this one of the most head-turning e-scooters out there.

The leaked images showcase two vibrant dual-tone color variants, which create premium appeal:

  • White & Neon Orange (Sports)
  • Electric Blue & Space Grey (Off-Road Rider)

For buyers who prefer conventional colors, options will include single-tone Red, Blue, White, Matte Black, Silver etc. Depending on your personality and style, there’s a shade for everyone with the NX100.

Powerful Performance – Range & Charging Comparisons

Let’s talk about the all-important performance specs! Under the hood, the Rivot NX100 packs a maximum 4000W BLDC electric motor matched to a removable Lithium-ion battery.

Battery capacity and motor output vary across the models:

VariantBatteryEst. True RangeTop Speed
Classic1.92 kWh100km80km/hr
Premium3.84 kWh200km100km/hr
Elite5.76 kWh300km100km/hr
Sports3.84 kWh200km100km/hr
Off-Roader5.76 kWh300km100km

For context, competing models like the Ather 450X offer a 120km range from a smaller 2.9 kWh battery. So the numbers indicate Rivot NX100’s powertrain provides super efficient range coverage.

Charging related details:

  • 750W Portable Charger
  • 6 hours for 0 to 100% charge
  • DC Fast Charging Support

Based on the battery specs, the NX100 seems equipped to handle aggressive city performance as well as long-distance intercity rides with few recharge stops.

Smart Features Add Premium Convenience

While range and acceleration play a big role during purchase decisions, extra smart capabilities also impact the ownership experience. This is where the Rivot NX100 aims to leapfrog competition with segment-leading gadgetry:

Key Highlights

  • Dashcam + Parking Sensors
  • App Connectivity + Navigation
  • Remote Keyless Access
  • Automatic Boot Opening
  • Over-the-Air Updates
  • Real-Time Theft Tracking

These intuitive additions focus heavily on convenience and connectivity. Whether it’s music control, GPS navigation, contactless unlocking, automated luggage opening, or finding your parked vehicle – the NX100 aims to minimize physical user effort.

Additional safety and security considerations also target anxious first-time EV owners. So the Rivot NX100 checks a lot of boxes that cater to modern mobility needs.

Variants & Expected Pricing Analysis

The most frequent consumer question around new product launches centers around final pricing details. Based on rivals and leaked details, we expect the Rivot NX100 series pricing to be:

VariantEstimated Ex-Showroom Price

For reference, competing electric scooters like the Ather 450X are priced at ₹1.39 Lakh, while the higher-end Ather 450 Plus costs approximately ₹1.69 Lakh.

As observed from the expected pricing structure, the Rivot NX100 offers powerful specifications along expected segment norms. The range-topping Off Road trim in particular seems equipped to challenge more premium competitors.

Value-conscious buyers can also opt for lower-priced Classic and Premium models. This tiered approach hits various price points for broader appeal.

Launch Date, Booking Details & Pre Book

Based on certification leaks and spy images, we expect an official unveil within the month. Rivot’s website also has a ‘Notify Me’ button where interested buyers can sign up for launch alerts and other updates.

Dealership deliveries after launch may take around 6 months due to high initial demand. Token pre-bookings are also open by visiting Rivot stores in major cities and paying a refundable deposit amount.

You can also pre-book NX100 electric scooter with a token amount of Rs.499 which is fully refundable.

Keep watching this space for the latest Rivot NX100 launch confirmation!

So in summary, the upcoming electric scooter packs a strikingly futuristic design, segment-leading battery range, smart safety/convenience features, and expected competitive pricing – a great combo for both urban commuting needs as well as occasional highway adventures.

For buyers waiting to purchase their first premium EV two-wheeler, the Rivot NX100 could be the perfect option to glide into the electric future!

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