TVS iQube Electric Scooter: Lighting Up India’s Electric Mobility | TVS iQube E-Scooter Sales Charge Past 200,000 Units In 45 Months

The TVS iQube electric scooter has powered its way into the hearts of Indian riders, crossing a remarkable milestone of 200,000 units sold in just 45 months since its launch in January 2020. This achievement crowns TVS Motor Co as India’s pioneer legacy player to hit this landmark in the electric vehicle (EV) domain. Let’s take a closer look at this electrifying journey!

Sales Trend Analysis

From the moment it hit the streets in 2020, the iQube has been on a whirlwind ride. The sales trend is nothing short of spectacular, with an impressive jump from 100,000 to 200,000 units in a mere 10 months. What’s more, the first six months of FY2024 have seen a staggering 96,151 iQubes being rolled out to new owners, almost matching the entirety of FY2023 sales.

Market Influences

The journey wasn’t without its twists and turns. When the FAME II subsidy was reduced from 40% to 15% in mid-2023, it did put a temporary speed bump in TVS’s path, causing a slowdown in sales. However, the ever-maturing EV market and the allure of wallet-friendly e-scooters quickly turned things around. With festive seasons like Navratri and Diwali on the horizon, TVS has been gearing up to ensure showrooms are stocked and ready to meet the soaring demand.

Product Details

The iQube electric scooter is more than just numbers. It’s a ride that combines style and sustainability. The top-spec iQube ST variant boasts an impressive 140km range on a single charge, nearly double the first-gen model’s range. Moreover, the May 2022 refresh brought even more exciting features to the table, earning it the prestigious title of ‘Green Two-Wheeler of the Year’ at the Autocar Awards 2023.

Pricing Information

Affordability is key, and the iQube electric scooter offers just that. With pricing between Rs 117,000 and Rs 124,000 (on-road Delhi), it’s a steal, especially when you consider the post-subsidy pricing. The top-spec iQube ST variant, with its extended range, is a true game-changer for riders looking for more.

Connectivity Features

The iQube is not just a scooter; it’s a smart companion on your journeys. With features like TFT instrument clusters and voice assistance, it’s a tech-savvy rider’s dream come true. From turn-by-turn navigation to music controls, it’s got you covered.

Retail Network Expansion

TVS is on a mission to make the iQube accessible to everyone, everywhere. Currently available in over 140 cities and around 310 touchpoints across India, the plan is to expand the iQube showroom network to nearly 600 touchpoints by the end of this year.

Charging Infrastructure

Charging your iQube is as easy as pie, thanks to TVS’s efforts. Owners have access to over 2,000 charging points through the TVS iQube mobile app, making it a breeze to keep your ride juiced up and ready for your next adventure.


In just 45 months, TVS Motor Co’s iQube electric scooter has become a trailblazer, exceeding 200,000 units sold and paving the way for the future of electric mobility in India. With its impressive sales, enhanced features, and commitment to accessibility and sustainability, the iQube is a shining example of India’s growing love for electric scooters. The road ahead is electric, and TVS is leading the charge!

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