ID. Aero EV Will Replace Volkswagen Arteon In 2024

Reports say the end of the Volkswagen Arteon is near.

Volkswagen Arteon's performance has not been very good in the US, only 7000 units of it have been sold in the last 5 years.

VW is committed to keeping a flagship sedan in its lineup and intends on launching a fully electric Arteon successor in 2024.

ID. Aero EV was unveiled a few months ago now ready to replace the Volkswagen Arteon in 2024.

The ID. Aero EV will came with 77kWh of battery pack and has 385 miles of range.

ID. Aero EV has already spotted in testing in Germany several times.

ID. Aero EV will be in production in 2023 and the company will launch ID. Aero EV in the US likely in late 2024.